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Many thanks for providing feedback to the consortium “National Research Data Infrastructure for the Research of Microbiota” (NFDI4Microbiota). Further information about NFDI4Microbiota can be found on our website: https://nfdi4microbiota.de.    

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. As an incentive and compensation for your time, NFDI4Microbiota merchandise packages and some microbiology-related items will be raffled among all participants. Consortium members (people from partner institutions working directly for NFDI4Microbiota) are not eligible to participate.

Please answer the questionnaire by 2023-09-30.

NFDI4Microbiota strives to provide infrastructure, services, and training to the German microbiology community (bacteriology, virology, mycology, protistology, parasitology, etc.) that covers real researchers’ needs as closely as possible. The mission of the NFDI4Microbiota consortium is to be the central hub in Germany for supporting the microbiology community with access to data, analysis services, data/metadata standards, and training. We can only achieve this together with you.

This survey will address the following topics:

  • Subject classification and general information

  • Information on the collection of research data

  • Details on the re-use of data

  • Training, education, and support

  • Infrastructure and analysis tools services

If you have any questions, please contact us via our helpdesk or contact@nfdi4microbiota.de.

Survey Privacy:

  • The data collected is anonymous unless you choose to provide your name and email address to be contacted.

  • Your optionally provided contact information will be forwarded to selected NFDI4Microbiota members.

  • Survey data is only accessible to NFDI4Microbiota members, and will be deleted after its analysis.

  • If we report survey outcomes (e.g. in NFDI4Microbiota internal or user reports), all responses will be aggregated such that you will not be identifiable.

  • If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this survey or want to change your contact preferences (any time), please contact us via our helpdesk or contact@nfdi4microbiota.de.

  • Data is stored on 2ask servers and after the closing of the survey on de.NBI cloud servers. Read more about both and their data protection policy at https://www.2ask.com/datenschutz/ and https://cloud.denbi.de/about/policies/.

To participate in this survey, the following terms have to be agreed on: *